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Experts in Heating and Air Conditioning

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Our AC tune-up consists of a full unit inspection and, like all of our services features a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At AAA American Air & Appliance LLC, we take pride in ensuring customer safety and wellbeing – alongside customer satisfaction. We want to make sure we provide you with the very best air conditioning tune-up services valley wide.

To ensure the efficiency and extended lifespan of your air conditioning, it is important to schedule annual maintenance. If your Valley area home has an older AC unit, it may be due for a tune-up. If your heating and cooling systems are not performing as expected it may be that your system just needs a bit of maintenance.
Air conditioning units run more often than not, but over time they can become less and less effective. This is why AAA American Air & Appliance LLC specializes in all aspects of AC maintenance – both annually and by appointment.

We also offer a maintenance plan that provides tune-ups over an extended period of time to keep your air conditioning system functioning properly and efficiently.

Our AC Tune Up Includes

Note: Inspections for different types of systems may vary.

    • Check thermostat operation
    • Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
    • Check system temperature split
    • Inspect disconnect
    • Inspect fuses
    • Inspect wiring
    • Tighten electrical connections
    • Inspect contactors, relays, and pressure controls
    • Inspect electrical safety circuits
    • Check voltage and amperage to all motors
    • Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup
    • Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts (if needed)
    • Inspect condensate drain
    • Inspect outdoor coil
    • Inspect duct seal at the unit and secure panels
    • Run and test the system

We Offer A Peace Of Mind Satisfaction Guarantee!

AAA American Air & Appliance is a family-owned and operated air conditioning and heating company established in Phoenix, Arizona in 2001.

Call 1-623-465-9885 anytime & 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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Isabelle O.
Isabelle O.
2022-12-06 10:16:31
My family has been using them for years. They are by far the BEST in the valley. They always reply promptly, get someone to assist as soon as possible and... read more
Judy W.
Judy W.
2022-07-28 09:44:48
Excellent service from Ian, he installed a split system in our home. Great job & I would recommend this company to anyone who wants honesty & integrity. AAA... read more
Aimee C.
Aimee C.
2015-08-11 21:52:39
I don't normally use Facebook, Twitter or Yelp for this but I felt compelled to tell my friends in the valley that if you ever need any help with your air... read more

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